´╗┐Hansa Rosa Rugosa

Rosa Rugosas are coveted in gardens for their drought resistance and hardiness. Their centers consist of yellow stamens and frilly, sometimes vibrant petals with very prickly stems. The variety of colours and relaxed flow of these flowers make for pretty and romantic bouquets.

Using crepe papers from Carte Fini we will recreate this flower which begins with a detailed stamen center. From here, we work with 90gm paper to sculpt and form the flowing petals of the flower. The backside of the flower will be completed with the rosehip and calyx.

The biggest take away skills on this flower is petal shaping and perhaps the most exciting, is the recreation of the prickly stem of this flower. I was amazed at just how prickly these stems are on the actual flower, they have quite a good defense against being harvested!

Beginners are welcome to this course! There are some intermediate techniques used in this course that can be achieved by all levels through practice and patience.

Total Course Instruction Time: 4 HRS

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Instructor Catherine Oxley

Catherine designs and creates beautiful paper flowers for magazine editorials, the fashion industry, and special events. Her flowers are sought after when realistic, artisan quality flowers are needed to create special installations both on camera and in person. Her work has been featured in Canadian bridal magazines and on Canada's #1 morning show, Cityline.

Join Catherine as she shares her techniques and tools to assist you in creating stunning paper flowers at home. Her easy to follow video instructions guide you through the entire paper flower making process, from paper to completed flower.

"Learn how to express your love of flowers through their reproduction in paper. Your completed pieces will honour the spirit and joy that flowers embody, one petal at a time"