Fuchsia Tree Peony + Lush Peony Foliage Bundle

Create the ultimate peony stem from flower to full foliage!

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Fuchsia Tree Peony
Learn a host of new skills and launch your paper flower making to the next level!
Catherine Oxley
Lush Peony Foliage
Realistic and abundant foliage to compliment your peony flower
Catherine Oxley

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Fuchsia Tree Peony + Lush Peony Foliage Bundle!

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Fuchsia Tree Peony I love peonies and have begun sharing various versions of this beautiful bloom, beginning with the 'Coral Queen Peony' in my online school. They are fabulous on their own in a bud vase, and extraordinary in clusters or mixed with roses and ranunculus. The difficulty is that some of them have A LOT of petals which can make it challenging to teach in a given time frame. Enter this gorgeous tree peony, a gift from my neighbour.
Total Course Instruction Time: 3hrs

Lush Peony Foliage. Just as important as the bloom itself is the foliage of the flower stem. It goes a long way to completing a realistic look for the flower you have worked hard to create. Do your flower justice by taking the time and effort to create an outstanding foliage stem that will make your completed piece look 100%.
Total Course Instruction Time: 2hrs

A total of 5 hours instruction time for both courses!

"Thank you, @bouqpaperflowers for a gorgeous tutorial. The details are definitely work the extra time."

- Devi Mays, @twistiemays

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Which courses are included in this bundle?
Both the Fuchsia Tree Peony + Lush Peony Foliage courses are included in this bundle. By purchasing both, you save 20%

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