Foxtail Millet

This super grain does double duty by providing your arrangements with whimsy. Yes, its a supporting role, but an important one! Filler foliage and flowers are the key to realizing your theme and giving your final arrangement texture and form.

Foxtail millet is a detailed stem with tiny granules set amongst a fine fringe of soft 'hairs' that give it the shape reminiscent of, you guessed it, a fox's tail!

I'll show you how to create the tiny details of this foliage branch which can be used in many other foliage and flower projects. The skills here are the foundation of many other projects, so this is a great tutorial to participate in.

As with all of my courses, comprehensive instructions are given to walk you through each and every step through to completion.

Total Course Instruction Time: 2 HRS

New or experienced

There's always something new to learn with the art of paper flowers. Skills learned here translate to future projects.

Learn with support

Tutorials @studiobouq are detailed, well explained and easy to follow. Have questions? I am always available to guide you through the process.

Me time

Creating paper flowers is relaxing. Transport yourself from your busy day into an environment where you can nourish your creativity.

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Instructor Catherine Oxley

Join Catherine as she shares her techniques and tools to assist you in creating stunning paper flowers at home. Her easy to follow video instructions guide you through the entire paper flower making process, from paper to completed flower. The completed work is a direct reflection of the quietness of mind and power of observation.

Catherine has over 25 years in the fashion, television and film industry. The exposure to media campaigns over the years have helped her develop a style and brand that represents her work with signature style. Catherine has been featured on City TV’s Cityline and in editorials such as Food & Drink Magazine, La Botanica Magazine (NY | Milan), Wedding Bells Magazine and Today’s Bride.